Bring the Olympia home to the San Francisco Bay Area

Strategic Plan - USS OLYMPIA

The Plan:

Previous studies as well as the actual experience operating ship displays on the San Francisco waterfront have demonstrated that a ship such as the Olympia can be operated in a financially viable manner in the Bay Area.  The challenge is to identify a site, identify an entity capable of operating such a display and to raise the start-up capital necessary to restore the ship to a sound condition, transit the ship to the Bay Area and prepare a site for display.  The notional estimate of start up costs is $15M ($1M planning costs, $10M ship repair, $2M transit and $2M site improvements).

Our plan to meet these challenges is to publicize the plight and opportunity presented by the Olympia with the goal of generating sufficient donor interest to fund an economic feasibility study to explore sighting options, appropriate operating entities and a financial analysis for operating her as a ship display in the Bay Area.  Possible display sites include the former National Maritime Museum Association which operates the USS PAMPANITO SS383 at Pier 45 in San Francisco, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard where two dry-docks have been set aside as a Heritage Park to include ship displays, Mare Island’s historic dry-dock 1 which is envisioned for historic ship displays in planning documents and the San Francisco Maritime Park run by the National Park Service with over 4 million visitors/year.  The cost of this initial study is estimated at $200K.

Initial actions:

Þ Establish appropriate web pages describing the opportunity, our goals, description of help needed and points of contact.  Establish web page as a resource site for anyone interested in documents or information related to the ship or potential sites.  These NYA web pages constitute that action.

Þ Contact interested organizations and key individuals through electronic media to inform them of the effort and seek their endorsement.  Navy Leagues, Chambers of Commerce, Federal Managers Association,

Þ Privately contact potential display sites (City and County Staff, future display site landowners or site caretakers (the National Park Service)) and advise them of this opportunity, the challenges associated with it and our plan forward.

Þ Contact local, state and federal elected officials to advise them of the effort

Þ Engage the Press (need to tailor timing for maximum effect) for the purposes of generating support, and identifying donors.  Leverage the Bay Area and Philadelphia efforts to garner national media attention.

Þ Identify donors willing to fund feasibility study.

Þ Facilitate contractor selection and the conduct of the feasibility study.